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When I think of two of the kindest brides and grooms with whom I've worked, I think of Caitlyn and Conner! These two have been beyond a delight to work with since day one. And, I believe the universe recognizes these things and completely rewarded them with an incredibly beautiful June day. And I should mention, a day that was supposed to be filled with rain and thunderstorms! So much so, that I packed my clear umbrellas in full preparation! These two love birds met at The University of Cincinnati and quickly bonded over their faith, humor, and generosity. And it's easy to tell this also translated into their friendships and family relationships since they were surrounded by so many people who love them on their special day! And let me tell you, this was the type of wedding crowd I live for! They held their nuptials at the amazing Barn on Chapel Road in Plain City and I left them dancing so hard, I thought we might go right through the barn floor! Of course, the highlight of the dance floor was Caitlyn's dad pulling out some epic breakdancing to Ice Ice Baby - trust me, I don't even know if epic does it justice. I absolutely could not be happier for these two as they start their lives together!