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You guys, I just adore Marsha and Eric so much!! I think I could literally just type that over and over in their caption and still not say it enough. Fun, energetic, caring, and thoughtful doesn't even describe how wonderful they are. And their wedding day was a true reflection of that! They held their nuptials at one of my favorite locations, Snow Hill Country Club in New Vienna. This historic golf club is so incredibly gorgeous and somehow, I always have the best weather when I'm there! And it was easy to see that all their guests, who traveled from around the country, had the best time! From dancing, to bundt cakes (omg they were amazing and sweet, sweet Marsha got me my own variety pack to take home... which we devoured in about a week!!), to fireworks, it was easy to see this was definitely the happiest day of their life. I also want to give a shout out to the fact that they raised money for their local animal shelter through their dollar dance, which as a crazy animal lover myself, was so stoked to hear. I wish these two, and all their fur babies, the very best for their future!