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So the words "lucked out" wouldn't even begin to describe the day we had for Becca and Mitch's gorgeous engagement session! Late March can always be unpredictable, so when we get a day in the low 70s, sunny with intermittent clouds, and right when the cherry blossom and and dogwood trees have bloomed... it's absolute magic! Even better is when I get to mix that with such a lovely couple, both inside and out! I was so thrilled when these two contacted me to photograph their wedding and engagement session! They're beyond kind, fun loving, fellow dog lovers, and of course, it's obvious my camera just loves them. We spent this gorgeous spring morning hitting up some of my favorite spots in German Village and Battelle Park before I sent them off to grab lunch while they were still dolled up. And only after a couple hours, I just knew I couldn't wait for their August wedding!! It seriously can't come soon enough :-)