Watching my "baby" cousins grow their families has been one of the greatest things, so of course I was thrilled when my cousin Holly and her husband David invited me to take maternity photos for their second little one on the way! That also meant running around with my family's favorite little munchkin, Miss Kiera Jane. I'm not even sure obsessed would begin to describe how much we love her, which of course means we're going to also be obsessed with her new baby brother! This little girl is a dancing queen, animal lover, and enthusiast of all things sweet and decadent {{that's a shout out to all the amazing baked goods Holly whips up}} and to say that she keeps us in stitches is an understatement. And, for her third birthday, she just got a white Wrangler so she officially matches cousin Betsy!! I told her I'd get her some ducks for her dash :-) It's crazy to think that in just a few weeks she'll be a big sister, but I absolutely can't wait to watch her step into that role!