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As most of you can relate, here in Columbus, we usually have two types of snow: utter white frozen death tundra traffic accident snow or wet black salt filled slush gunk snow. BUT on about two magical days of the year, we get perfect beautiful snowman sled riding soft powdered sugar on the pine trees snow. And when you already have a shoot scheduled with amazing clients like Margaret and Austin... holy moly Batman, it's a photographer's dream! I just got to know these two recently and I already adore them for too many reasons to list, but I'll point out some of my faves. They braved a cold, snowy day, and Margaret even donned the most amazing blue dress, with nothing but smiles! They put their trust in me when discussing locations and I recommended this spot, which they had to come to all the way from Dayton. They were so pumped to hit up Ponderosa here in Columbus after their shoot - adorbs. Oh and of course, they're so wonderfully kind, fun-loving, and incredibly photogenic! I cannot wait for their summer wedding on Bass Island {{omg, I know, eek!}}.