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So I’ve decided I might have to start calling the Stephens family “The First Family of Betsy Jane Photography” because we are officially going on 10 years of shoots {{oh em gee!}}! They were my first clients way back in the day when I was just a budding business and they are a shoot that I look forward to every year. But it’s crazy awesome to see how much has changed in those 10 years! From adding Joey to this mother-daughter duo, to then adding two more little gals to the bunch, Scarlett and Ruth, so much has happened. And my favorite part of it all is watching big sister Lena with her two little sisters. This little lady has blossomed so much from the ornery little toddler making silly faces at me, to a full-fledged entrepreneur with her own jewelry design business - be sure to look up Angelena’s Adornments to check out her amazing creations! But the craziest part about this shoot was the fact that Lena is now the same height as Kaitlin. Holy macaroni, where has the time gone? I just can’t wait to see what’s in store next for the Stephens Guenther family!