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I absolutely love when clients want to meet me at the Ohio Statehouse for some elegant, romantic photos - it's one of my favorite spots! So of course going into Chiquia and Freeman's engagement session, I was pumped, but even more so when this gorgeous couple came dressed to the nines! Seriously, look at that dress! These two lovebirds were so incredibly kind, fun loving, and were totally up for hiking all over this massive building (trust me, it's huge). And when they pulled out their second outfit with their custom-made baseball t's, I just adored them even more! But, of course I can't forget to mention their "meet cute" since it's one of my favorite things to ask my couples. If you're not familiar with the term, it's basically how my couples met, but in film and television, a meet cute is a scene in which the two people who will form a future romantic couple meet for the first time, typically under unusual, humorous, or cute circumstances. When I asked these two about theirs, they gave each other side eyes, giggled, and Freeman told me he offered to pump her gas! Seriously, no joke, he saw Chiquia at a gas station, thought she was cute, and came over and offered to help her, and now, the rest is history. I can't wait to capture the next part of their history at their September wedding!