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My session with the Roll family was a bittersweet one. I’ll start with the bitter part to just get it out of the way. As fellow die-hard OSU fans, our heads were hanging a little lower after a tragic loss to that team up north the day before. It just wasn’t how I wanted to show up to a session. But after we got that sadness out of the way, we moved on to the sweet part… hanging out with one of my fave families! Like the session before theirs, we also got rained out of our first date but thankfully rescheduled to one of the most beautiful Sundays this fall. We also headed to Pioneer Park in Montgomery with all the kids in tow, both human and fur! I was so excited when Julie and Chris asked if they could bring along their pups, Buckeye and Tootsie, because I hadn’t seen them since their maternity session several years back. Now of course they get to take photos with their little sister, Olivia, aka “Ollie” who is just sweet as can be. We chatted about some of our favorite things, including Minnie Mouse and M&Ms ;-) And had so much fun looking for frogs and fish in the pond. I just love watching this little gal grow from year to year!