It's only fitting that I post this gallery following my previous one because they are awesome Bobcat referrals to each other!! There are so many things I love about my "job" but two of my favorites are when wonderful clients recommend me to their friends AND when said clients contact me to let me know they're expecting a little one :-) And that's exactly what Marlee and Trent did! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was romping around Athens with these two as a newly engaged couple and then photographing them at their ohhhh so gorgeous Lancaster wedding {{remember the twinkly floral ceiling?!?}}. And now, they're waiting for their little Charlotte Louise to make her big debut! I know this little lady is going to be a stunner and of course, will probably have a beautiful head of curls, but most importantly, she's going to be loved beyond belief. These two are just beaming with excitement and I know all their training with their fur babies will make them the very best human parents as well!