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Alright gang, I knew this was going to be a dream wedding going into it but I was even more blown away once it started! I met Margaret and Austin on a cold, snowy February day for their beautiful engagement session... so it's only fitting that it was a hot and humid July day for their amazing wedding! And for those that know me, know I love hot days so the heat never bothers me one bit. And it may have been a little balmier because we were on Middle Bass Island in the middle of Lake Erie - dream!! These two are beyond photogenic so the second they told me they were getting married at the historic Lonz Winery and that the girls would be getting ready on Margaret's dad's old wooden boat, I knew this would be a wedding to remember! We even kept the dance party going on the ferry ride back to the mainland with some stunning golden hour photos, of course :-) I wish these two and their sweet little girl, Rae, all the best!