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I can't even begin to describe how much I loved Kelsey and Anthony's wedding! I have really thought about all my favorite things about their special day and there are just way too many to list, but I'll just give you a sneak of the highlights and let their beautiful photos say the rest! First, I just adore these two and their family and friends. They are kind, considerate, fun, outgoing, laid-back, and just an all-around pleasure to be with. Their family makes you feel like a part of their family! Second, it was cold and raining the entire day and they didn't bat an eye! Everyone was in just as high of spirits as my sunny-day couples. And let me tell you, from a photographer's perspective, even though it was wet out, it gave me the most deliciously moody photos ever {{which is our favorite thing on the planet}}. And clear umbrella pics - I heart clear umbrella pics way too much. Third, their wedding venue, the historic Hyeholde Restaurant in Pittsburgh was unreal. I'm pretty sure I could have taken photos for days here so I was super pumped when they factored in a lot of photo time! And lastly, our dogs have the same name so obviously, that automatically makes them awesome ;-) I wish these two nothing but a lifetime of happiness!