Alright gang, this goes down as the craziest family maternity session - but don't get me wrong, it was utterly perfect - because baby number 2 {{lovely Lyla Rae}} made her big debut less than 24 hours later! I mean, when I asked Lacey and Alex what they had planned for the rest of the weekend, I think having the baby was pretty far down on their checklist ;-) But that little Lyla just couldn't wait to meet her big sister Ava and celebrate her upcoming first birthday. And from the photos I've seen, she's just as gorgeous as her sister, who, as you can see, is just the cutest little bug. Ava let us romp her around one of my favorite locations, Dawes Arboretum, before her photographer {{ehem, we won't name names}} tickled too hard and she said, okay, enough of this silly lady and her unimpressive renditions of Wheels on the Bus! I absolutely cannot wait to see her and her new little sister grow!!