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If you asked me what my dream session would include, I'm more than positive I would say "a dog," so you know I was a tad bit giddy at the idea of doing a session with three dogs! That's right, three roly poly pups, including a very squeezable little one. Add that to the fact that their parents are two of my fave clients and that's just a combination I will always get on board with! I had the pleasure of photographing Courtney and Joe's gorgeous engagement photos and wedding several years back and through the power of social media, I was able to watch their little family grow by four legs pretty much every year since! They're making it very clear to me that when you get one lab, you just have to get one in every color - those are just the rules, folks. So when they reached out to set up a session on their alma mater Kent State's campus, I could not wait. I was in doggy heaven! Now they're telling me that this is it for their brood, but I told them they still need to add a silver and white lab to the mix! Guess we'll just wait and see what the future brings for this family of five!