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I think the best way to describe my feelings leading up to this session was "over the moon" and it couldn't have been more fitting! After meeting sweet little Milo and seeing his outer space-themed nursery, I knew I had it spot on. But before that, I was just over over the moon since his mom and dad, Maggie and Andrew, are one of my fave couples of all time! I know I've said it before, but I just LOVE when I get to follow clients through their life journeys, from engagement to marriage, and then when they make little ones. And trust me, they made a good one ;-) This little man was awake our entire session but hardly made a peep - just lots of dreamy looks and little smiles. Even his big pup-bro Grover joined in for a few shots! I couldn't be happier for this new little family of 5 (yes, I had to include Joe the parrot in that count)!