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It's not very often that I go into an engagement session having already photographed the couple... but that was totally the case for Emily and Jason's! So before I even lifted my camera this lovely June day, I already knew they would be pros :-) I had the immense honor of photographing Jason's beautiful proposal to Emily in the fall and I kept my fingers and toes crossed they would want to book me for their engagement session and wedding! And I can't tell you how thankful I am that they did. Not only are these two basically models, but they're just two of the kindest, most fun and outgoing people with whom I've had the pleasure to work. Oh and I haven't even mentioned their fur baby, Rhea! It's true, that dog is actually real! Trust me, after looking at her photos I could have sworn she was a stuffed animal based on her perfect head tilt, tongue out, puppy dog eyed expression. We spent a Sunday evening exploring the Ohio State House (holy moly, it's amazing) and snapping some fun shots in front of their gorgeous German Village home - followed by drooling over the Catholic school turned mega-mansion down the road from them. Confession that we may have done a wee bit of trespassing to snap an epic kiss pic at the end, but I'm sure if the owners saw it they would completely understand. But now comes the hard part while I have to wait until their February wedding to photograph them again!