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There's one thing I love more than anything else when it comes to capturing moments between my couples... and that's a great laugh! So I just knew I was going to have an awesome session with Emily and Chris when they instantly started cracking up at each other the second I started clicking away. And these two deserved a fun session filled with laughter after their first date was rescheduled due to rain. But I've always said the universe works in my clients' favor because a rained-out session just means absolutely gorgeous weather for your rescheduled date! I met up with these two on the perfect evening in October to capture their incredibly fun personalities at some of our favorite spots in German Village and OSU's campus where they originally met. And even though campus may have changed a bit since they were last there, including the crazy Uber Eats robots everywhere {trust me, my mind was blown}, we were able to reminisce about their favorite hangout spots from early in their relationship. I absolutely cannot wait to capture more of their special moments and laughter on their big day!