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Oh the Beiting family, how I adore thee! Back in the day, when I was a budding little photog, Lisa and Andrew (and pup Hunter) put their trust into me to take their engagement and wedding photos. And it still goes down as one of my fave weddings I've ever shot. Then they went on to make a most handsome and wonderfully fun little fellow named Grant. Now, they've gone and done it again with a beautiful baby girl, Hazel Grace! Obsession doesn't even begin to describe my feelings :-) When they invited me to photograph some of her first moments with their parents, of course I said yes, please!! Because not only do I adore this family of 5 (yes, Hunter included), I absolutely love when the grandparents can come love on their grandbabies for pics. I should also mention that the backdrop is Lisa and Andrew's absolutely amazing North Avondale house that they completely gutted and renovated. I can't lie, that they may come home to find me living in one of their guest rooms ;-)