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You guys, I am so excited to say that one of my favorite families of three is now a family of four! I have been photographing Hannah and Dale, and their oh-so-sweet little boy, Jonah, for years, so I was over the moon when they introduced baby brother, Parker, into their pack. And it was no surprise to me that Mr Jonah was just completely ecstatic about showing off his little brother to me. We're still working on his "hey Miss Betsy" which more often than not was "hey people" - which, for those of you who know me, had me in stitches. I'm now considering changing my business name to "Hey People Photography" because I think it just has such a nice ring :-) I know Mr Parker is going to be such a fun-loving and happy little boy with such a joyous big brother! I can't wait to watch this little one grow too!