Every year, I get to photograph the best families and I absolutely love when my regulars are in front of my camera, especially the Rolls! The best part is seeing their littles ones grow and even more so, how they interact with each time. Last year, Miss Olivia {{aka Ollie}} was a little shy - of course I was eventually able to bring her out of her shell - but this year, she was all giggles and silliness! My favorite combination :-) And who can forget her sweet pups, Tootsie and Buckeye, who always happily come along for the ride! When I first met Julie and Chris, they were pregnant with little Ollie and Tootsie and Buckeye were the only babies in the family. But these two have always been happy to share the limelight for some pets and snuggles! Until next year, slow down Miss Ollie, please don't grow too fast ;-)