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So I'm going to gush and gush and gush about Alicia and Dave's absolutely amazing wedding probably way too much, but trust me, it totally deserves it! I was introduced to this wonderful couple through a mutual friend and I can't thank them enough because they've been a dream to work with. They're incredibly kind and have some of the best senses of humor - and hands down, Alicia has a smile and laugh that lights up a room! I had high hopes their wedding venue would be stunning and I was completely blown away. Set at the Brianza Gardens and Winery in Crittenden, KY everything was absolutely perfect. We had one of the worst storms roll through right as they were getting ready, but as soon as it was over, the sun popped out and left everything beautifully glowing! Mind you, I had to off road the bridesmaids through the mud to some photo spots, but Rosie the Wrangler came in handy :-) They spent their special day surrounded by so many friends and family members who clearly adore them, and laughter and happiness was clearly the theme! I know these two have a lifetime of happiness together ahead of them!