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Oh you guys, I just don't even know where to begin with Alison and Alex. I take that back, I totally do! These two might be two of the nicest people on the planet - I think that's the perfect place to start :-) And I expected nothing less since Alison is a fellow Bobcat! When I first got to know these two at their awesome engagement session, I instantly fell for their insanely go-with-the-flow attitudes and their mutual love for Harry Potter! I'm pretty sure I gave them about 500 "awwww, you guys are so cute!" comments. And then their wedding day was nothing short of magical {{insert Harry Potter pun}}! They held their nuptials, followed by dinner and dancing, at the beautiful Dock 580. We hit up some of Columbus' most beautiful downtown spots beforehand for photos, including the Ohio mural on the Pins Mechanical building - totally their awesome idea! I wish these two all the best for their future, and in the words of the great Dumbledore, "you are protected, in short, by your ability to love."