I swear, it was just last week that I was photographing Lacey and Alex's gorgeous {{albeit, freezing}} winter wedding and I blinked, and boom, they have three little girls! And I'm not exaggerating, these two were on a mission to have children close in age and they for sure achieved that with three under two! That might sound daunting to most, but they just take it in stride and for real, have three of the sweetest little girls :-) You'd think there would be meltdowns or runaways, but not a single one! I absolutely adore them and of course, adore having them in front of my camera. We met at one of my favorite photography locations, Dawes Arboretum, on a gorgeous September morning. Ava was so excited to introduce me to the new baby, Thea, and little Lyla had me in stitches playing peekaboo the whole time! I did leave wondering if there would be a baby number four in our next photo session, because I will readily admit, I just love these McCarter girls!!