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It was hard to believe that it's been years since I've seen the Williamson family but it was so real when their two oldest boys hopped out of the car all grown up!! Where has the time gone?!? I was so fortunate to meet Kara and Matt several years back and photograph them and their sons Luke and Sam. But this time, I also got to meet their newest little addition, the oh-so-adorable Jason. These three boys were just such a joy to photograph, cracking me up the whole time and wrangling each other for the best shots. And while it was a crazy, blustery day, that didn't deter them one bit! We were even able to get in a few games of Red Light, Green Light before wrapping up our session. It's so much fun watching these boys grow up but I'd be just fine if they want to slow down just a tad ;-) Especially that oh-so-sweet little guy!!