When I say I love the Gullett boys, I mean I LOVE the Gullet boys! I hadn't seen them in a couple years so when Jonah and Parker jumped out of the car, I couldn't believe how much they'd grown! But one things for sure, they are still sweeter than pumpkin pie. We met on a beautiful fall afternoon at the Columbus Park of Roses and maybe spent too much time playing with sticks {{that's right, me included}}, but that's all part of photographing fun-loving boys, right?! I was so happy to see that big bro Jonah is still full of hugs and giggles, and little bro Parker is full of spunk and orneriness - both of which are my fave combinations :-) We caught up on all the necessary topics like Halloween costumes and dogs, and these two made sure to point out all the best spots to take photos. It's always such a joy to see this family, that started off with me photographing Hannah and Dale's wedding day! Time sure flies when you're becoming a wonderful family of four!