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Jessica and Shannon have some of my favorite wedding photos I've ever shot... and they weren't even planned that way! When clients ask me what we should do in case of rain, I always give sound advice followed by "if it does rain, it usually doesn't last that long." But in these two's case, it rained the entire day! I should also mention the forecast leading up to their wedding day, even that morning, was clear and sunny. I can only assume Mother Nature wanted to give them the most good luck ever received by a bride and groom! But it didn't dampen their spirits at all! I don't even think Jessica batted one gorgeous eye about it :-) So everyone hiked up their dresses and rushed from awning to awning along the downtown Covington, Kentucky strip. And after all was said and done, the rain was just a distant memory as everyone partied the night away at the always-amazing Madison. Best of luck, even though Mother Nature gave them plenty of it, to these wonderful newlyweds!