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Alright guys, I’m declaring that the Beiting family officially wins the award for the biggest troopers year after year after year. These guys took some chilly temps and frigid winds like champs at the beautiful Irons Fruit Farm in Lebanon. And of course, I have to mention the pouring rain, cold temps, and Andrew’s strep throat in previous years… but they put on those perfect smiles and power through it all for gorgeous family photos every time! When Lisa reaches out to me each year, I just can’t wait to see their little ones Grant and Hazel. These two are not only clearly adorable, but they always crack me up. They can go from frostbitten fingers and noses, to giggling their heads off over M&Ms and my favorite silly words {{I have quite the vocabulary}}. It feels like it was just yesterday that I photographing their parents’ engagement session and wedding, but I must admit, I love it even more now that these munchkins are around!