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This was such an extra special photo session for so many reasons, I certainly hope I remember to touch on them all! First off, I absolutely adore Megan and Jason after shooting their wedding in 2017 - they are seriously the best! And when I found out they were pregnant with their main little man, Bennett, I was just so excited for them! But then their pregnancy took an unexpected turn during a Caribbean cruise and after being life flighted to Florida, spending weeks there on bed rest, this little guy decided to make his appearance very early! But he was a fighter and now, he's just the sweetest little boy running all around! So while their first pregnancy was definitely a tough one, her second one has thankfully gone just splendidly. And this time, we were actually able to do maternity photos :-) We spent the morning exploring the always beautiful Dawes Arboretum and while it may have been a scorcher of a day, Mr Bennett didn't even bat an eye! I just know he's going to be an amazing big brother. I cannot wait for his little brother to make his appearance, but I'm so happy he's taking his time to make his big arrival!