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Of course the first thing I want to see whenever I meet up with Trey and Anna for a photoshoot is their little one, Mr Jax! I'm gaga for this munchkin! But this time, I also was so excited to meet their fur baby, Echo, and see their recently-purchased historic farmhouse! So let's start at the top with sweet little Jax. I can't believe he's already 7 months since the last time I saw him was at his newborn session. This little guy is seriously beyond sweet and was all smiles the second I showed up, which turned into confused stares at my horrible attempts at singing nursery rhymes, and then nothing but giggles by the end. Then Miss Echo, who might be the biggest love bug pibble you'd ever meet. My attempts at taking her photo were met with wiggly butts and unapologetic kisses - which of course I welcomed!! Then there's the house... oh the house! Be still my architectural-loving heart. They just recently purchased this almost 200-year-old farmhouse in Springfield after moving back to Ohio from Texas and it is a photographer's dream! It was the perfect backdrop for their beautiful family photos and thankfully, we had the most gorgeous fall day to accompany it.