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Ladies and gentlemen, after Sowmya and Chris' beautiful wedding, I could officially say, I have now shot all my covid reschedules!! Of course I now have my fingers and toes crossed it stays this way and everyone stays healthy moving forward! Whew, these two had quite the whirlwind experience but in the end, they couldn't have had a lovelier day! Their original date fell right when the pandemic started and like many others, we thought it would only be a few months before things were back to normal - little did we know, right?? And, with Sowmya's family trying to make it from India amid travel restrictions, these two had to keep pushing their date back until they were finally able to make it down the aisle this May! The pandemic may have held them back from tying the knot, but not from going ahead with their exciting family plans. They had the most beautiful baby girl during that time, miss Sophia, who happily joined her parents on their big day and quite frankly, I couldn't have imagined it without her! And another thing that was hard to imagine was how incredibly gorgeous their wedding was! I'm always blown away by Bryn Du Mansion in Granville, but when you pair it as the backdrop for such a wonderful couple, holy moly, talk about a photographer's dream. It's hard to believe we finally reached their big day and quite frankly, I wish it was still something I was looking forward to because I've absolutely loved working with them from day one! But I'm so happy they were finally able to say I do and I know the future is bright for this family of four (of course I have to include sweet golden retriever Alfie)!