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9 years!! I can't believe I've been taking this lovely little lady's photos for 9 years :-0 And I think I've been saying it for 9 years, this girl is my muse, my spirit animal, my wild child in the city! Lena is such a natural in front of my camera, I can't get enough of her. I was so fortunate back in 2012 when mom Kaitlin reached out to me to start taking photos of her and her beautiful little girl. Now, she's married and has another brand new baby girl! So you guys, that just means more photos in the future of Lena AND her baby sister... eek!! We decided this year to capture some fun Cincy/NKY riverfront shots since both sides hold a special spot for them. And I think it was the perfect backdrop for this girl's oh-so-wonderfully spunky personality. I can't wait for our next shoot!