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I know I've said it before, and trust me, I will continue to say it forever {I mean, it's tattooed on my arm}, but I LOVE Athens!! And anytime two fellow Bobcats reach out to me to shoot their engagement session there, I pretty much turn into a giddy alum. So when Gabbi and Garrett asked me to meet them there on a beautiful May Saturday, I couldn't wait! I knew it would be interesting to see campus amidst the coronavirus but I was still so glad to see happy students strolling down Court Street, tours going across College Green, and Bagel Street Deli handing out sandwiches while Donkey brewed up some delicious coffee (yes, both of those were on my food and beverage agenda while I was there). But even more exciting was getting to spend the morning with this absolutely lovely couple and their adorable puppers, Ollie. We hit up some of the best spots on College Green and Court Street before heading down to their old stomping grounds on South Green - a place I've never done photos before! And between you and me, those ones might be some of faves :-) I love reliving old Bobcat days with my fellow alum!