Ten years ago, I started getting a little more serious about my photography and decided to start setting up shoots with people outside my friends and family - aka, I took on clients! But those clients quickly became friends too and one of those that trusted me first was Kaitlin with her little girl Lena. It's just so crazy to look back on those days {and thankfully she was the cutest little girl because I was definitely still building my camera skills}. It seems like yesterday but here we are now and Lena is as tall as me, and she has two little sisters who are her age when we first started! And sweet little Scarlett and Ruth definitely keep her on her toes - well, really all of us on our toes :-) These two are as cute as can be, but don't let those adorable faces fool you, they're nice and ornery too - my favorite kind! They just crack me up every time I'm with them. I always ask Kaitlin and Joey if they're planning for more - which makes them laugh and give me the stink eye all at once. And even though I have a love/hate relationship with seeing how much Lena has grown, it makes me so happy knowing I still have so much time with these little ones!!