This was definitely my year of getting to see so many of my favorite families AND their extended families! Which I absolutely love!! And the Birkles were exactly that 😊 I was originally set to see this wonderful fam back in November but then it finally happened... I got covid! So we played it safe and rescheduled for December, which of course gave us a very cold day for photos {{I just hate when that happens}}. But thankfully, Vanessa and Adam invited everyone to their gorgeous Cincy home for some indoor photos - which I think turned out even more perfect than our original option! Like so many of my awesome families, I had the pleasure of getting to know these two when they were just engaged and then followed them in their life's journey through their wedding, Mr Ethan turning them into a family of three, and then Mr Oliver turning them into a family of four! But technically, they're really a family of five including their four-legged baby, Leo who joined in some fun photos at the end of their session! It was so great seeing them, Adam's parents, and his siblings and their families!