My little munchkins just grow up way too fast, including one of my fave dudes, Mr Iggy! I swear we were just doing his newborn photos yesterday and boom, he's already 8 months old! I know I say that about all my little ones but I often feel like I blink and they've aged 5 years overnight. But even with this little man growing way too fast, it was still great to meet up with him and his parents, Meghan and Mark - OGs in front of my camera! Most times we're bundled up in some chilly fall weather but this year, we decided on a bright summer day to meet at John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs. Thankfully, we started our time in the morning because phew, it turned balmy in a matter of minutes and the sweat bees thought we were awfully delicious. But that didn't deter this little man from giving me big semi-toothy grins the whole time! And even though I may have whispered to him to not grow up so fast quite a few times, I just know I'm going to love seeing the little boy he's turning into!