This was the type of shoot where I couldn't decide who I was most excited to see! And I must say, I think everyone was equal front runners :-) First off, Maggie and Andrew have been in front of my camera for almost a decade now when they were an engaged couple planning their big day. Then they added the best little addition to their family, Mr Milo, who has always been such a joy to hang out with. And now, they added beautiful Little Ivy to the bunch and ugh, I'm just obsessed! When Milo opened the door to let me into their home, I just couldn't believe how much he'd grown since I last saw him! And he made sure to not only introduce me to his little sister - and show off his big bro skills - he also made sure to show me his amazing stuffed animal collection, dragon eggs, and dinosaur bath bombs {{not gonna lie, might be looking into getting some of them myself}}. I truly, truly value my special relationships with my families and spending time with their munchkins! After all, I'm just a big kid myself ;-)