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Alright you guys, I'm going to be crazy biased here, but I think I'm allowed to be... I'm pretty sure Miss Kiera is one the cutest little munchkins to ever exist. And, I'm allowed to say that because she's my cousin Holly and her husband David's little girl! So she's family and all ;-) But seriously, even if she wasn't family, I would probably still say the same thing. I mean, just look at those chipmunk cheeks and those big blue babydoll eyes! I learned firsthand, after knowing through her mom and other family members, she's got the "you think I'm gonna smile for that??" face down! I know I'd have to be a giant bowl of mashed potatoes for that. But that doesn't mean she isn't the happiest, chillest baby - oh quite the opposite! She happily let mom and I drag her around the always gorgeous Dawes Arboretum and made her wait {{oh the torture}} to do her donut photos until the very end. And boy oh boy, I got some smiles then! I mean, most of them came from me, but if you say I can let your one-year-old smear donuts and frosting all over themselves for photos, I'm going to be the happiest little photographer!