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Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours, and sometimes it rains, pours, sleets, and snows... and has freezing cold temps! That was the literal forecast on the day for Betsey and Tyler's engagement session. Insert the word "ugh" here. I could probably insert that word into so many of my forecasts this fall because it has been the season of weather reschedules! But because of limited availability, we decided to get creative instead of rescheduling. I racked my brain for indoor locations, which are quite scarce or costly/difficult to schedule in the Columbus area. But then I remembered one of my favorite places to shop down the road from us... Wilson's Garden Center! If you've never been there, you have to stop in, whether you're looking for a giant selection of plants, gardening supplies, or gifts, they have it all! And it served as the perfect location for these two's engagement session. Our original plan was to hit up some of their favorite spots in German Village, where they had their first date several years back. We were also going to include their pup - so I'm thinking some more photos will be in store for them soon :-) And that idea makes me so excited since that means I'll get to work with them again before their 2023 wedding!