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So I'm going to brag a little to start off this gallery. You guys, I have insane dance skills... anti-rain dance skills that is! No, I cannot actually dance a bit, even though I will be the on the dance floor at your wedding trying my hardest and teaching your grandma how to wobble ;-) Leading up to Erin and Andrew's Athens engagement session, it was calling for rain and storms the entire day, but thanks to my constant anti-rain dancing the day before, it turned out to be a beautiful day!! We were so lucky, because this was the last day these two would be in Athens from their home in Bloomington, Indiana! And, I just love any opportunity to hit the bricks, especially with an awesome couple like these two. They met while Erin was in grad school at OU earning her doctorate in audiology and Andrew was living and working in Athens. One fateful evening at the bar Lucky's, their {lucky} paths crossed and the rest was history! After living together in Athens and some long distance time while Erin was finishing her degree, these two decided they were meant to be together forever and thankfully, asked a former client of mine for photographer recommendations, and our Bobcat fates were sealed! I could tell from the minute we started chatting that I would immediately love working with this down-to-earth, incredibly fun couple, especially when they said they wanted do their engagement session in Athens. Of course we had to take some pics in front of Lucky's, followed by a few shots on college green, before heading to another favorite Athens stomping ground of theirs, the golf course! As golf enthusiasts, they of course had to explain some of the golf terms to me so I knew exactly what I was photographing. Now I can't wait for their April wedding at one of my favorite Columbus venues!