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Words can't even describe how much I just love this little family! But I'll give it a go ;-) I'm so lucky to have Hannah and Dale invite me to photograph all the milestones of their sweet little Jonah's first year - he's always such a bundle of joy! I know, that probably sounds cliche, but it's just so fitting for him! We did his 6-month photos on a cool, blustery day at a location that is quickly becoming a client favorite, and he didn't seem bothered one bit! I was able to capture one "I'm about to cry squishy face" pic, which I guiltily admit are some of my faves... but that only lasted about 5 seconds. He was all laughs for daddy and tons of cuddles for mommy the whole time! It's been so wonderful watching him grow from a tiny newborn into such a sweet little boy - I just can't wait for their next session!