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One of my favorite things about shooting weddings isn't just the wedding part, it's the part that comes after, when clients reach back out to have me photograph the next stages of their lives! Whether it's adopting new puppy dogs or buying a new home, or in Anna and Trey's case, welcoming their first baby, I just love following along with them on their journey. It's hard to believe it's been a little over two years since their big day, I swear it was just yesterday! But I was so excited to get the news that they are expecting AND best of all, they're moving back to Columbus from Dallas! We met on a very chilly morning at the Franklin Park Conservatory where, thankfully, we enjoyed some nice rainforest atmospheres indoors :-) And these two were troopers between the cold temps outdoors, driving all the way from Texas in the days before, and setting off to house hunt right after our shoot! I couldn't be happier for them and I'm so glad they'll be back in Buckeye country soon!