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One of my favorite things to hear is that a previous client has started their own business! As a small business owner, learning about a client's new business venture is just so exciting. So when Lauren, one of my most gorgeous brides, let me know she started her own arts and crafts biz and needed some headshots, I couldn't wait to see her and check out what CRFT CLUB was all about. And you guys, it's beyond amazeballs!! I'm going to steal some language from her site so I describe it to perfection :-) She serves up beginner friendly and unique craft/DIY kits, (in-person and virtual) events, private parties, and custom kits. Everything is hand made, assembled, and curated in Columbus. And trust me, her kits and creations, which she had displayed in her beautiful apartment, are so fun! I know my words won't do them justice so please, please, please check them out for yourself, order some fun kits, and attend one of her events at: