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I have to say my 2022 schedule is filled with "I can't wait" and Julie and Jonathon's April wedding was no exception! I kept saying over and over that I can't wait for their big day! First of all, they're just simply the best. Seriously, they're so kind, laid back, fun loving, and adore love talking about their fur babies, which as many of you know, is one of my favorite topics of conversation. Second, they held their nuptials at one of my favorite venues, StrongWater Brewing in Franklinton. Give me all the vintage industrial vibes and funky Franklinton murals (i.e., including the infamous naked lady mural we just had to include in both their engagement and wedding photos!). Third, I just knew their friends and family would be the bomb and they did not disappoint!! They were surrounded by the best wedding party and then their guests made sure to tear the dance floor up - seriously ya'll, they all learned the Cleveland Shuffle just for their wedding!! And to top off all those "can't waits," I very nice gentleman also offered them pizza in the middle of taking couple's photos - it made for some perfect photos to laugh back on! Oh and I have to mention - it was a beautiful April day! Icing on the cake!! I guess I should also mention the ice cream on the iced cake was the fact that they were flying off to Italy for the honeymoon right after their big day, so seriously, it was a dream wedding followed by a dream honeymoon :-) I wish them all the best as they start their married life together!