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So Becca and Mitch's gorgeous August wedding wins the hottest temperature of the year award! But clearly, these two looked cool as cucumbers and barely batted an eye at the extreme temps! I'm talking, my car registering 97 degrees temps. It's probably because they're two of the most laid-back, fun-loving, and kindest people with whom I've worked. And their wedding party was so go-with-the-flow in the heat as well - and did I mention, that included 19 people? It's easy to see this group was there to have a great time and of course, celebrate this wonderful couple! We started the day with the cutest first look in front of the trolley they rented for transportation, followed by photos downtown along the beautiful Scioto Mile. They then held their ceremony and reception at the gorgeous NorthStar Golf Club in Sunbury where we were able to take advantage of a stunning golden hour. I left them dancing the night away in the much-appreciated air conditioning with their closest friends and family. I wish these two all the best as they start their married lives together!