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Leighann and Matt's gorgeous January wedding was a first for me... in a very good way! This was my first SURPRISE wedding!! Yes, that's right, they kept a big secret from their guests who thought they were attending their engagement party! Guess what, you're really at their wedding! And, even though I heard some whispers throughout the room of "I totally thought it might be!" - everyone was completely surprised and thrilled for these two. And this was a fun one to plan! They held their surprise wedding, aka "engagement party," at the Hotel Covington right across the river from Cincinnati, and it was absolutely perfect for their big reveal. The hotel did such a fantastic job of providing several spaces for the announcement, their ceremony, and their reception, plus ample space for them to do some quick outfit changes. Seriously, they couldn't have found a better spot, plus, it's such a gorgeous venue in itself! And, it was so clear these two truly had the best day executing such a fun idea. I had the pleasure of meeting Leighann when she was a bridesmaid for one of my previous lovely brides, so I knew instantly that I could not wait for this day! She and Matt are the epitome of kind, outgoing, fun loving, and incredibly welcoming. And anyone that has their dog's face on their wedding socks automatically becomes one of my favorites :-) I just know their marriage will be filled with nothing but joy and happiness!