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There are some couples that come into my little photography world that just leave such a wonderful impact, and Sarah and Jacob are certainly one of them! To say that I adore these two is such an understatement. They are incredibly kind hearted, laid back, and so much fun to be around. And it's obvious this is how their world is as well based on their amazing friends and family! Everything about their beautiful Columbus wedding perfectly reflected their personalities. And when they wanted to do their photos at one of my favorite and not-well-known locations, I was so pumped! Brick walls, string lights, and colorful buildings... yes, please! Of course, I can't fail to mention, they're another one of my Disney-fan couples :-) I've had several throughout the years and I've come to realize that Disney fans are the nicest people on the planet {{I mean, it is the happiest place on earth, outside of Athens that is}} so it makes perfect sense that I love them so much! Maybe that's what this world needs, a little more Disney ;-) But the best part of any Disney-themed wedding, is I get to write: And they lived happily ever after!