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They say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day and I thoroughly believe that's true! So with that, Samantha and Ben are going to have all the luck in the world thanks to their rainy April wedding! And, it really wouldn't be an April wedding without a smidge of rain. But these two took it all in stride since they are so incredibly laid back, fun loving, and go with the flow. But to be honest, I get a little excited when I get to pull out my clear umbrellas for a few shots! They are just so dreamy :-) I have gotten to know Samantha and Ben over the last year and I've adored every minute of it! They are two of the kindest people and it shows by how many friends and family members surrounded them on their big day. They held their nuptials at the always-amazing Station 67 in downtown Columbus, which thankfully is surrounded by elevated train tracks - the perfect spot for rainy-day photos! I left them partying the night away, which included a roaring dance floor and lots of serenades from their guests to get a kiss out of the bride and groom! I wish these two all the happiness in the world as they start their lives together!