This is a wedding where I want to jump right in and just go on and on about how amazing it was and how much I love these two, but I have to pause first to relay other details about their lives since then... They got a puppy!!! Okay okay, if you know me, then you know my mild {{aka, huge}} obsession with dogs so when Erin started showing me pics on her phone of their upcoming adoptee, I just had puppy on my brain from that point on! But that doesn't mean I also wasn't focused on capturing all the gorgeous details of their special day. I have loved these two since the very first time I digitally met them via FaceTime and even more so since meeting them in person on the bricks of Athens for their wonderful engagement session. Oh yes, Bobcat followers, these two met at Lucky's and the rest was Athens history!! They are the embodiment of kindness, constant joy and happiness, incredible humor, and most importantly, unwavering love for one another. I just love couples that reply with a resounding "oh yeah!" whenever I prompt them to smooch ;-) They held their nuptials at The Estate at New Albany - one of my favorite venues - surrounded by a huge wedding party of friends and family members who absolutely adore them! Literally everything could not have gone more perfectly, right down to the minute I wrapped up my services and left them tearing up the dance floor with their guests. I wish them all the happiness as they start their lives together, especially as parents to their new 4-legged addition!