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If there's one thing I can be certain of, it's that this world has a very bright future thanks to awesome seniors like Grace! I absolutely love spending time with teens these days because they are so incredibly smart, ambitious, unique, and fun loving. Trust me, I could have talked to Grace for hours on end about her big plans! Which right now, include narrowing down her college of choice to study speech pathology {of course, I heavily petitioned for OU, which thankfully, is near the top of her list} and deciding whether to continue in her amazing marching band journey in college {once again, I also heavily petitioned for OU and the most exciting band in the land, The Marching 110}. And I have to mention that she not only excels in her band program at Dublin Jerome, she also loves helping behind the scenes in their theater program as well. But one of the best traits about Grace is how grounded, level-headed, and incredibly kind she is! I knew this from the moment I met her many years ago doing her family's photos, so it's no surprise she's turned into the wonderful adult she is today. I wish her all the best as she navigates her senior year and heads off to college!