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There were so many things I loved about Julie and Jonathan's awesome engagement session, but to start with, I have to say... naked lady mural!! These two cracked me up when we were discussing locations, one of which was the super trendy Franklinton, and more specifically, they wanted photos in front of the naked lady mural ha!! So needless to say, these two have a fantastic sense of humor :-) We started the morning off with a sense of panic over the forecast predicting on and off rain their entire shoot... which ended up being nothing, of course {{good 'ol Ohio}}. Followed by shots along the Scioto Mile before crossing the river over to Franklinton. It's obvious they're incredibly photogenic but they're also two of the nicest and most go-with-the-flow people with whom I've had the pleasure of working. Seriously, when I called that morning to say, "oh crap, looks like rain," Julie pretty much said, eh, I don't mind, let's go for it. And I'm so glad we did since it turned out to be a beautiful day! I can't wait for their wedding next April, but I'm a little bummed I have to wait so long ;-)