Let's hear it for the dogs!! Especially when they belong to one of my best friends :-) I'll say it again, I love having my friends in front of my camera! And this wasn't the first time Cara let me snap some pics of her and Lila, but it was the first time we got to include her newest pup, Gus, and her boyfriend, Zach! We met up on a lovely fall day at The Hoover Nature Trail in Westerville and these typical GSPs were much more interested in getting all the sniffs in than they were taking pics - who could blame them?!? But lots of doggy snuggles and kisses ensured their interest long enough! And when you look through their pics, it's important to imagine Lila (all brown) with a sophisticated female voice, judging us all, while Gus (brown and white) sounds just like Dug from Disney's Up, continually saying "I just met you and I love you."